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Our Operations group includes trained professionals who have joined Optimum Inc. to bring direct, in-depth knowledge of management processes, operations systems, and telecom services to our clients.

Optimum USA Inc.

Emergency Response and Maintenance Services

Optimum Inc. provides Emergency Response and Maintenance services for many of our customers throughout our service areas. This consists of regularly scheduled maintenance work on the existing network as well as 24/7 emergency response. We have crews ready and on call 24/7.


This Scope includes the overlash of existing facilities as well as new construction with all required make-ready , strand installation, and cable placement. Our Team of professionals are equipped to get these projects done successfully.


This work consists of installation of new underground structure for the purpose of installing new conduit and cable. This also includes placement of all required handholes, vaults, and manholes. We are involved in all phases of Cable Tv and Telecommunications


Underground Pipes

Optimum USA Inc.

Bore Machine Operator



Make Ready

Optimum USA Inc.




Concrete and Asphalt Restoration is required on about 75% of the work we complete. All Surfaces are restored to their original condition after all types of excavation projects.

Drop Bury Services

In our customer’s network, the cable drop is the portion of a cable system that connects individual subscribers to the cable system. It begins at the connection point on the cable tap and ends at the subscriber’s television.

Fiber Optic Services

This scope of work consists of placement and prepping of new fiber splice cases, prepping of existing fiber splice cases, splicing and termination of fiber optic or copper cable. It also includes bi-directional OTDR, OPL and front end connector testing (if required).

Engineering and Permitting

Our Engineering department consists of route development, high level design, detailed engineering of various scopes of work.  These include Aerial, Lease Structure, new Underground, Private Property, Inside Wiring, Pole Loading, etc. The department faces with the various utilities, private/ public agencies, and private property owners to submit all required documents to obtain the necessary permits.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground penetrating radar is a geophysical locating method that uses radio waves to capture images below the surface of the ground in a minimally invasive way. The huge advantage of GPR is that it allows crews to pinpoint the location of underground utilities without disturbing the ground.

Horizontal Directional Drillilng

Directional Drilling is a method we use to install underground pipelines, cables and service conduit through trenchless methods under obstacles such as roads, buildings, wetlands, railroads, etc. We are equipped with top of the line machinery that allows for a safer installation and reduces the impact on the environment and existing infrastructure.

About us

Optimum provides services and expertise in Directional Drilling, Cable placement, Conduit Installation, Aerial cable installation, General Engineering, Restoration, Coaxial and Fiber Splicing, and other CATV industry related assignments. Optimum is consistently evaluating opportunities to be the best in the industry and seek to increase efficiency within our projects and across every aspect of our company.

Optimum Is Pleased to Announce our new Florida Division!